Annie Zaidi, Leicester Football Club

Annie Zaidi
NameAnnie Zaidi
AwardRising Star in Sport 2015
CompanyLeicester City Football Club

Annie Zaidi, Leicester City Football Club who was one of our winners of Rising Stars in Sport, sponsored by Ladbrokes.

Since winning the prestigious Rising Star award 2015 things have been crazy but a good crazy. A few weeks ago, I sadly failed my UEFA by 7 marks. Failing this prestigious coaching award felt like someone had ripped my heart from my soul and I was tempted to throw in the towel and give up. Then reflecting back and staring at my Rising Star trophy, I realised that quitting is not what successful people do. Again reflecting back made me realise that even though failing hurt, I need to get back up stronger and more determined than ever, so now I’m working twice as hard to prepare myself to be reassessed.

I am currently still going to QPR to coach the U21’s, which I love doing.  Also since the awards, I have been invited to North Wales to help inspire and empower young girls into realising their potential, to prevent them from early teen pregnancies and risk of being excluded. In two days, I coached 77 girls and now they want to appoint me North Wales Patron of Sports (the first in the making).

Last week I won Sky Sports Inspirational Helen Rolloason Sportswoman award 2015, which was broadcast live on Sky Sports 1 & Sky 1.