Dara Kirton, PwC

Dara Kirton
NameDara Kirton
AwardRising Star in Consultancy 2015

Dara Kirton of PwC who was one of our winners in the Rising Stars in Consultancy category, sponsored by EY

Firstly, I’m beyond grateful for the WeAreTheCity Rising Star award and really wanted to summarise how much the visibility I have gained from the award.  My employer PwC have been massive supporters of my progress. They shared the success with my team and beyond. They also posted my picture on the intranet and wrote an article on the day in the life of me!  Because of the rising star award the people partner for consulting is also sponsoring me to attend a young leadership summit called” One Young World” in Thailand next week. The summit brings together global leaders aged 18-30 to discuss big global challenges. Please look it up as previous speakers have been epic! It’s an opportunity for me to learn how I can continue to make a lasting impact in my organisation and community, but also on a global platform! I couldn’t be more excited!

I also got to meet Gaenor Baegley who sits on the PwC board and is responsible for the people agenda.  As a result, I’m going to be work-shadowing her for a day next month.  Last week I received another award from my team for in their words “being a rising star.”

Alongside the recognition internally, there has been a great increase in my profile externally. Although I was doing a good job before, clients are now more aware of my achievements. I was extended on my project and have continued to build a great client relationship with key contacts.

A major newspaper called The Voice covered the Rising Star awards and I was mentioned. The Guardian also asked me to join a panel for young women looking for careers advice. Dream Nation are also currently doing a write up of my career journey so far for their readers (predominantly ethnic minorities).

I was also nominated for another award (Precious – celebrating women of colour) last month.

In summary, I used to think just doing a great job was good enough. However, the awards have helped me to realise how valuable visibility and sponsorship are and how one door can open so many others.