WeAreTheCity went live!

WeAreTheCity was started in 2008 by Vanessa Vallely and Stewart Vallely.


Vanessa was becoming increasingly frustrated that there were lots of initiatives/networks and events going on for women, however they were spread across multiple internet sites. Vanessa wanted to create a centralised site that housed a multitude of career development resources so that women could up skill, grow their networks and ultimately progress in their careers. What started off as an idea on a sunbed during a break in Spain continued when Stewart bought  Vanessa a website domain (he doesn’t do flowers) and sent her an email saying “I bought you a domain, so let’s do something about that idea”! Within a month, WeAreTheCity.com was a live website and our first event, from Day to Night at Eight club was a sell out!


Self taught and designed the original WeAreTheCity.com started off as in their converted garage with a budget of £500.


WeAreTheCity Logo

WeAreTheCity old logo