Social Responsibility - Paying it forward

At WeAreTheCity social responsibility is hard wired into everything we do.

We have been helping not for profit organisations since we first began in 2008. Over the past nine years, we have sponsored a number of charitable programmes and initiatives both in the UK and abroad. As well as our charitable giving, we also provide a percentage of free editorial/advertising space to charities, social enterprises and not for profits. Gifting free space on our websites enables these organisations to reach our large community of members and site visitors and call for action to support their various initiatives, eg fund raising activities/volunteering. Given our reach in to the corporate world and the number of events we hold, we are also able to provide these organisations with the opportunity to promote their initiatives to an audience that may be able to support them in the future.

Below are just some examples of what we do to in order to support organisations who are helping others.


Over the past nine years, we have promoted the activities and initiatives of over 75 charities as part of our giving back section.  We also help female entrepreneurs and female led business with exposure by way of profiles, free advertising of events and editorials to support their businesses.

Careers Club

As part of our One for One scheme, for every UK Careers Club license purchased in the UK, we donate an online club membership to one of our members in India.

Gender Networks

For every membership that is purchased for Gender Networks by a private company, we gift a free membership to an organisation in the public sector. We also invite a gender related charity to present at every Gender Network meeting which gives them access to key individuals who may support their activities.

Conferences & Events

We always gift a number of our tickets as part of a bursary scheme or to women returning the the workplace.  We also allow charities to have stands at our events which gives them access to our corporate partners. All of our conferences also have charity partners.

WeAreTheCity Jobs

We advertise all charity and not for profit job opportunities for free on WeAreTheCity and WeAreTheCityJobs.

Rising Stars

We gift the sponsorship of our Charity category every year, and support the local communities by booking award ceremony acts that give back to the community or are NFP community organisations themselves.

Other Social responsibility Highlights

  • Editorial space gifted to over 75 charities since 2008
  • Opportunities provided for over 20 charities to present to Gender Network members
  • Clothes amnesty for Smart Works
  • Provided work experience and apprenticeships for 12 young adults at our WeAreTheCity offices
  • Donations to over 10 charities through event ticket purchases
  • Teaching materials, lunch boxes and donations made to four different schools in Mumbai, India
  • Funding provided to refurbish an after school club space for young boys in Mwansa, Tanzania
  • Cash donation to children’s orphanage in Mwansa, Tanzania
  • Computer purchased for City based adult rehabilitation centre in City of London

“A note to say a huge thank you for sharing our work with Gender Networks. I’m delighted to let you know we have gone live with our service for one company already and are working on one or two additional leads that came from the presentation session. I’ll keep you updated on any more that go live, so you can continue to enjoy knowing how your work, and the WATC network, is helping orphaned children”

Cecilia Crossley
From Babies with Love