WeAreTheCity India was launched in 2014 by the UK site founders, Vanessa and Stewart Vallely and Caroline Graham, Barclays.  The creation of the site is in response to the high volume of traffic hitting the UK site from India.

It had become apparent that women in India were reading articles and drawing inspiration from the London-based site on an increasingly regular basis. WeAreTheCity in the UK approached Ernst & Young India to help them to create an online community resource to help Indian women meet their professional and personal goals. The site was launched on International Women’s Day in 2014. In May 2014, WeAreTheCity held its launch event in the heart of Mumbai with over 100 corporate guests and representatives.

WeAreTheCity India is currently run from the UK with the help of a local committee of Indian women working in the corporate sector. We provide news and inspirational content and run our Rising Star Awards programme annually. We will shortly be introducing our job board to the Indian market to help local women access job opportunities from the world of finance and consulting.

WeAreTheCity.in currently has over 40,000 members and a presence in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi.

Rising Star Awards India


2017 Winners

  • “Building WeAreTheCity in another country has always been a dream for us, We knew we had a market of both local and expat women that we could help and inspire via the content on our site. I am passionate about India, having worked there and volunteered in the region. Thanks to our head, Caroline Graham, we had an incredible launch of WeAreTheCity India on International Women’s Day, which for me was the most appropriate day to celebrate links across the world. We are extremely excited about being able to help Indian women to network, develop and learn via local events and advice from local experts and writers.”

    Vanessa Vallely
    Vanessa Valley
    Founder & Managing Director, WeAreTheCity & WeAreTheCity India
  • “It’s great to see the India launch of WeAreTheCity. As the percentage of working women in corporate India steadily moves up, initiatives such as these, which encourage sharing, networking and becoming part of a larger group, will embolden more and more women to stay committed to their careers. I strongly believe these and more such initiatives will ensure that we hit critical mass and result in a sizeable and relevant percentage of women in the workspace soon.”

    Apurva Purohit
    Apurva Purohit
    CEO of Radio City 91.1 FM
  • “We are very excited to partner with WeAreTheCity India and to support the launch of this new platform for professional Indian women. The objectives of WeAreTheCity align with our purpose of building a better working world, by enabling women to achieve their true potential in the workplace. Diverse and inclusive teams stimulate innovation and are a priority for EY worldwide. As the market-leading professional services organisation in India, we are committed to the career development of women in EY as we are to participating in broader initiatives to help promote professional growth for women in India.”

    Sonu Iyer
    Partner Lead for Diversity and Inclusiveness at EY India
  • “WeAreTheCity India offers an exciting platform for women across India to come together to share ideas, network and support each other. With more Indian women now looking to advance their careers, or come back into the workforce after a career break, the need for relevant forums that provide professional tips, help build confidence and connect like-minded women are increasingly important. We are very much looking forward to welcoming Indian women into the WeAreTheCity community and are excited at the prospect of highlighting the stories of Inspirational Women across the country.”

    Caroline Graham
    Co-Founder, WeAreTheCity India

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